The project aimed to strengthen the voice of the LGBTQI+ community and raise awareness about the challenges it faces, highlighting the role and contribution of the European Parliament as a strong ally in this effort. 

The design of the project envisaged democratic open voting procedures, with the aim of highlighting the main issues that concern the LGBTI+ community. At the same time, the creation of inclusion groups in the form of focus-groups was foreseen. 

Based on the results of the Survey conducted in about 2000 LGBTQI+ people in Greece, the project subjects were formed.

Project Videos

Project Podcasts

The project aimed to inform the Greek LGBTI+ community, activist groups, organizations dealing with LGBTI+ and human rights in general, as well as the wider civil society, regarding the actions of the European Parliament. 

The exploitation of the legal and political initiatives of the European Parliament, as well as the highlighting of the good practices of other European countries at the local, regional and national level, in relation to LGBTI+ rights, were at the heart of the project.

As the leading LGBTQI+ magazine in Greece, ANTIVIRUS hosted in his pages the Voice Up Project playing a key role in spreading the information. Alongside the Social Media advertisements it is estimated that the project reached 2.5 Million people.

Homo Evolution 

  1. Developed the monitoring and evaluation strategy within the project management team as to ensure the on time performance as well as quality deliverables
  2. Created the communication strategy that was followed throughout the project’s life cycle. 
  3. Undertook the production of the videos and podcasts 
  4. Coordinated the work groups and focus groups for the content of the videos and reaching out to underrepresented persons and sections of the communities for the different issues (eg Intersex, Seniors, disabled persons etc).