Project name:


Project description:

A brand- initiative of homo evolution that creates tailor made projects of LGBT management & marketing.

Our Services:

  1. SET UP of the brand as LGBT – friendly according to the specific needs of the community and the assets of the specific brand.
    • Educational Seminars
    • Communication codes
    • Architecture/ amenities/ services
    • Brand Image
  1. SET UP of the marketing campaign
    • Brand redesign & Creatives
    • Online presence/ website
    • Set up of a media plan
    • Reputation management
    • Marketing campaign execution
    • Reporting & Evaluation

What is our promise/what makes us special

  • We understand the value behind a brand and our first task is to protect it against the adversities of the market. With social media defining a brand’s value nowadays we will always prioritise on the corporate ethos. We always propose and never dictate. We invest in fully comprehending the brand before we start working on a branding strategy which will raise the company’s inclusiveness profile. From brainstorming to redesigning, and from creatives to up-to-date media exposure, we are thrilled to work with brands that assume a strategic approach LGBT.
  • Gay Travellers Insights – A European Market Research: Our extensive market research is based on a survey undertaken in X European countries focusing on X gay male travellers. The Gay Traveller Insights is the first travel focused survey contacted for the Gay Travellers globally and provides valuable insights on top next destinations to visit, travel preferences, seasonality, Gay Pride travel barometer, HHI and many more. Based on this scientific data we are able to extract raw input about Gay buyers and integrate it in your brand redesign and marketing strategy to drive performance.
  • Although Homo Evolution was founded in 2010, its shareholders have been working for the LGBT community since 2000. We have a clear view of the level of acceptance per region in Greece as well as the LGBT community as being active members of it. We believe that every region, every city, every company and even every campaign should be treated as unique and that an LGBT strategy should never be an one-glove-fits-all.